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Back By Popular Demand – LUCKY7

For the many people who couldn’t get tickets to LUCKY7 during this year’s very successful Singapore International Film Festival run. Here are more screenings followed by Q&A with the directors, producers and lead actor Sunny Pang! Come join us for an evening of rollercoaster rides (kinda what watching LUCKY7 is like) and remember to spill some popcorn!

LUCKY7 screenings at Sinema Old School (11B Mount Sophia Road)

Sunday May 18 – 3pm

Saturday May 24 – 7pm

Saturday May 31 – 9pm

Sunday June 1 – 5pm


LUCKY7 Timeline

July 2006


November 2006

All directors confirmed – Sun Koh, K Rajagopal, Boo Junfeng, Brian Gothong Tan, Chew Tze Chuan, Ho Tze Nyen, Tania Sng

August 2006 – January 2007

Fundraising & Sponsorship

January – April 2007

Principal Photography (total 14 days)

May July 2007

SD Offline, Lock Picture

August – October 2007


November 2007 – January 2008

HD Conform, Final Animation, Grading, Online

January 2008

HD Mastering, Website Building, World Premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Film rated R21 without cuts for Singapore International Film Festival Screenings (does not apply for general local theatrical release)

February – March 2008

Publicity Campaign

April 2008

In Competition at 21st Singapore International Film Festival.