How to use the LUCKY7 T-Shirt


Put it on with the LUCKY7 logo flashed across your sexy chest.

Strike a silly pose if desired. Take a snapshot, making sure the logo is visible to the camera.

Email your snapshot no bigger than 1megabyte to with the subject line “Hurry To 7 More Years Of Great Sex!” In the email body, please include your name and desired caption (otherwise we will make up our own). We will upload your pic in our flickr group for the world to see.

The alert your friends to check out your cute pic at

Below are 2 examples:

t-shirt example 1

LUCKY7 Director no. 7 Tania Sng

Anthony Posing

LUCKY7 groupie looking fabulous


2 responses to “How to use the LUCKY7 T-Shirt

  1. How can I get the T-shirt?

  2. The T-shirt is available at Sinema Old School, 11B Mount Sophia Road (Old MCGS) at S$20.00 per piece. Both men and woman’s cut avaliable.

    You’ll get nice toned thighs if you get up the hill via the 103 steps stairway located behind Plaza Singapura (where they built those fancy apartments).

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