Back By Popular Demand – LUCKY7

For the many people who couldn’t get tickets to LUCKY7 during this year’s very successful Singapore International Film Festival run. Here are more screenings followed by Q&A with the directors, producers and lead actor Sunny Pang! Come join us for an evening of rollercoaster rides (kinda what watching LUCKY7 is like) and remember to spill some popcorn!

LUCKY7 screenings at Sinema Old School (11B Mount Sophia Road)

Sunday May 18 – 3pm

Saturday May 24 – 7pm

Saturday May 31 – 9pm

Sunday June 1 – 5pm


That’s great news.

Like I said before, this may be the Singapore public’s only chance to catch the film in its entirety, due to stricter censorship standards applied to non-SIFF screenings.

Let’s hope that we can add more LUCKY7 screenings during SIFF, if there are still venues available.

The LUCKY7 team would like to say a big “THANK YOU!” for all your support. See you at the movies!

By Popular Demand – Additional SIFF Screening

LUCKY7 Screenings at Singapore International Film Festival 2008
April 12 – sold out

April 5, 11am – selling fast

Additional Secreening – 2pm, 5 April at Sinema Old School

To avoid disappointment, book your tickets now!

5 April | 11:00:00 | National Museum
5 April | 14:00:00 | Sinema

Rotterdam Audience Reacts to LUCKY7

The International Film Festival Rotterdam attracts the most intelligent film audience all over The Netherlands (Holland) and their surrounding regions with their top-notch progressive programming each year. Throughout the year, IFFR programmers trudge to lands far and near for cinematic finds to present to an audience back home.

Here’s what one well-travelled IFFR programmer has to say about the state of Singapore Cinema.

Armed with the info she gathered from the IFFR website, one audience member opted in on the LUCKY7 experience. Here’s how she reacted.

LUCKY7 In Competition At The 21st SIFF (R21 w/o Cuts!)

21st SIFF ArtworkSIFF Logo

LUCKY7 is selected for competition at the 21st Singapore International Film Festival. The SIFF is the oldest film festival in Asia, and one of the finest who discovered the many gems of Southeast Asian independent cinema.

Only for the privilege of SIFF screenings, LUCKY7 is rated R21 without cuts. This might be the only chance to catch the film on the big screen in its entirety, because we can expect the Board of Film Censors to be more stringent when censoring for the masses.

Screening Schedule:

5 April | 11:00:00 | National Museum
12 April | 19:00:00 | Sinema

How to use the LUCKY7 T-Shirt


Put it on with the LUCKY7 logo flashed across your sexy chest.

Strike a silly pose if desired. Take a snapshot, making sure the logo is visible to the camera.

Email your snapshot no bigger than 1megabyte to with the subject line “Hurry To 7 More Years Of Great Sex!” Continue reading

Sunny Pang Goes To Rotterdam!

Dangerous and Unpredictable

Action man Sunny Pang

Sunny Pang is… ‘can’tstopmyadrenalinepumpin’ these days. Not only is he training for a blood-pumpin-knives-flying-everywhere-action-flick due to shoot in 2008, he’s also the lead of our multi-genre roller-coaster ride of an indie flick LUCKY7 that’s world premiering in Rotterdam on 28 Jan. Continue reading

A (totally non-exclusive) Family Portrait


(Photo by Rory Daniel: Top Left-Right – Boo Junfeng, K Rajagopal, Brian Gothong Tan. Bottom Left-Right – Ho Tzu Nyen, Tania Sng, Sun Koh, Chew Tze Chuan)

Don’t think the film community has ever come together for a single project like this before. It was blood (mainly in the props department), Continue reading

LUCKY7 Timeline

July 2006


November 2006

All directors confirmed – Sun Koh, K Rajagopal, Boo Junfeng, Brian Gothong Tan, Chew Tze Chuan, Ho Tze Nyen, Tania Sng

August 2006 – January 2007

Fundraising & Sponsorship

January – April 2007

Principal Photography (total 14 days)

May July 2007

SD Offline, Lock Picture

August – October 2007


November 2007 – January 2008

HD Conform, Final Animation, Grading, Online

January 2008

HD Mastering, Website Building, World Premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Film rated R21 without cuts for Singapore International Film Festival Screenings (does not apply for general local theatrical release)

February – March 2008

Publicity Campaign

April 2008

In Competition at 21st Singapore International Film Festival.